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Aenna Varun

Abrand known for creating ensembles for women that delicately combine indian traditions with contemporary western silhouettes. Aenna Varun is becoming a one stop destination for BRIDES. We have an entire curated collection dedicated to designer bridal trousseau.

If you're a bride to be, there are a few that are absolutely important to pack and not worth missing out. We design to accomplish a particular purpose and we do customisations as per client’s requirements.

Husband and wife duo Aenna and Varun have their roots in ludhiana While Aenna Studied fashion at the National institute of Fashion Design and Varun has completed masters in Food Nutrition and hospitality management from Le Cordon Bleu Australia (Adelaide). Aenna, a fashion designer has been working into Fashion and retail sector since 8 years and at an earlier stage she used to do freelancing with UK designers and in India. Varun was settled in Australia and back in 2015 they got married in india and and he decided to lead a more settled life with his partner in Delhi only Married for about 4 years they have disagreements but never fail to cherish small Moments together and their work is their first Baby Couple duo both passionate about creative things, nature and love to travel,and they shared similar thoughts creativity passion when it comes to business and have their own potentials as an individuals and together they have built a Brand named "Aenna Varun"