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I am beyond excited to start this 'Lifestyle blog’ Page @aennastylist You’ll get the little taste of my style, travel-diaries, choices in life, beauty tips, and just random lifestyle moments. I want to get inspired too so don’t hesitate to comment on your thoughts on my posts, they will be greatly appreciated !!! #toodles😎 Falling in love with your work is absolutely CRAZY And I want to make sure I stay committed and keep up with it and this helps me stay stress-free and feel Organised in Life So I already have many plans-to-do in life this year 2020. Hope this tough phase goes off soon and everyone will get back to work...

Life Of Designer says-“We meant to be loved not to be understood”

When you have so much going on with your life, the one thing that usually gets forgotten about is the most important thing - YOU Make sure you are taking some time for yourself so you don't feel drained distract and burned out. It's always tempting to keep working and working-and many people have guilty of not doing the same. So would advise everyone to utilize these days in making things better-PLAN AHEAD At one point or another, I feel like we always go through this phase in life and I have recently experienced this so wanted to write this blog post to let you know that you are not alone!!!🤗Feeling lost is such normal to experience yet its the worst but its happening these days (New Normal) Saying ''When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus’’✌🏻🥰

Nothing great ever came that easy but working extremely hard for what you want will make the reward that much better when the time comes! Whether you want to be a singer, doctor, writer, blogger, artist, or Designer in my case (whatever it may be!)

I strongly believe ''You are the designer of your own Destiny’ Go for it✌🏻😎